3 Types of Shoes That Will Get You Through a Backyard Barbecue

It’s finally summer! With the heat rising and Fourth of July steadily approaching, you’ve no doubt been invited to a bunch of backyard barbecues or picnics-in-the-park. Maybe you’re even throwing one of your own!

But, before you slip on your favorite high heels, think about where you’re headed. In all likelihood, you’ll be strutting your stuff along a soft grass lawn. News flash: Your heels will sink.

Not pretty.

Instead, try out these three types of shoes that will have you munching on burgers in style–all without sinking into the ground.

1. Flip Flops

Image courtesy of Flickr and Hilde SkjĂžlberg

Flips flops, also known as thong sandals, are the best choice for a casual barbecue, picnic or beach party. They slip on and off so you can quickly dip your toes in the water. If you’re bent on looking ultra adorable, pick flip flop colors that coordinate with your outfit, or choose ones adorned with jewels or fake flowers.

2. Ballet Flats

Image courtesy of Flickr and Creations Look Divine

Not everyone likes to show off their toes. If you’d rather hide your tootsies in style, go for a pair of ballet flats. These don’t have heels and are light enough that you won’t worry about sinking into the ground. Plus, they’re both casual and pretty so they can go with any outfit, whether jeans or a summery dress.

3. Cork Wedges

Image courtesy of Flickr and Preservationgal

If you feel that you really must wear some high heeled shoes, go for cork wedges instead. The wedge design will prevent the heel from spiking the soil, and the cork will be light enough to stop that sinking feeling. Just make sure you’re good enough at heels not to fall right over on uneven ground.

Now that you have options, which ones are you going to wear?

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