5 Ways to Greet Your Party Guests

Your party guests will be here any minute. The snacks are safely nestled in their bowls, potato chips strategically placed on every surface. You’ve cleaned up, stocked the liquor cabinet and dressed to the nines.

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All that’s left to do is greet your guests! But how?

  1. With a warm handshake. Not all parties are ragers. If you’re having a dinner party, bosses included, say a comforting hello and a pump of a handshake as you usher guests into your inviting party.
  2. With a wall of guests. Nothing says “successful party” more than a packed house. If you want to give guests the impression of an already great party as they arrive, enlist some of your close friends to come early and make the place look happenin’. As an added bonus, they can always help you get ready.
  3. With unabashed enthusiasm. You love parties. Show it! Open the door with a loud “hey!!”, donned in your favorite party hat and colorful Hawaiian lei. This is the perfect time to liberally dole out the big, guest-enveloping hugs.
  4. With a curt nod. Sometimes you invite guests begrudgingly. Maybe it’s your uncle who lost all of your father’s savings in a risky investment scheme. Maybe it’s your ex who somehow came as someone else’s plus one. Rather than kicking them out (which is always any option), give them a curt nod and move on to the people you actually like.
  5. With a disappearance. You’re far too busy to greet every guest, especially when you have to refill the punch bowl or ask a pair of rowdy guests to stop playing catch with your favorite vase. In this case, the guests can just let themselves in.

What are your creative ways to greet your guests?

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