Party Idea: A Low-Key, Cozy Breakfast with Friends

To help wind down the festive season, consider throwing a cozy breakfast for friends as a last hurrah to the holidays. Hosting a low-key meal with friends can help you all reconnect in the new year after the hectic holidays. The menu can be simple, but infuse it with seasonal touches (gingerbread pancakes, peppermint tea, rich hot chocolate, etc.).

Decorations: The holidays may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate with friends.¬†Use pinking shears to cut rectangles out of your old holiday cards. Write your friends’ names on pieces of firm card stock and glue them on top of the holiday card cutouts, leaving space around the border for the holiday card to show. It’s a fun, subtle way to stay in a festive spirit.

Suggested menu: Gingerbread pancakes, eggs, toast, orange juice, coffee and peppermint tea.

Favors: For a unique touch, give each guest a few mini jars of jam for her toast and maple syrup for her pancakes. These foods (which double as favors!) can be personalized with a special message you want to write to your friends. The little changes will guarantee your breakfast goes from the usual to the ultra-thoughtful.

"Spread the Love" Personalized Strawberry Jam (Set of 12)

Personalized Maple Syrup

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